Photograp of Sea Aster (Tripolium pannonicum)


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This simple name encompasses a massive variety of species with many variations, hybrids and sub-species.


Flora can be very difficult list easily without a basic reference point.


This being so I have placed the flowers of Mull inside colour categories to make things a bit easier.


Sorting by colour  isn't always as simple as it seems.


We all see flower colours differently and one person's Purple can be another person's Pink or Red.


Hopefully you will be able to find the species you are looking for using the colours system.


You will also see that I have included Ferns, Fungi, Lichens, Liverworts and Mosses in the Flora section.


These form a very large and important part of the diversity of Flora on Mull, they are also much more difficult to identify.


This section will be added too on a regular basis and only reflects a small number of the species to be found on the Mull.


Vascular flower species on Mull alone total some 685 truly native species with another 171 naturalised species also listed.


Mull really is as diverse as everybody says and I have a long way to go to reflect this here!

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