The books listed below are all useful for anybody who is interested in Flora, Fauna, History and Walking Routes on the Isle of Mull.


  •  W Keble Martin, MA, DSc, FLS


The Concise British Flora in Colour


Perhaps the best illustrated book on British Flora ever. Superbly accurate and detailed colour drawings of our flora with accurate data to assist in identification.


Published by Ebury Press and Michael Joseph

Originally published by George Rainbird Limted  in May 1965


SBN: 0718140281 / ISBN-13: 9780718140281


Now out of print but very good second hand copies are widely available.


Peter Macnab


Norah Turner and Audrey Finlay (later Audrey Finlay and Richard Coomber)


The Isle of Mull


Motoring information, Walks, Gaelic Place Names, Places of Historical Interest also the Flora and Birds of Mull


ASIN No. B005E3MSLC - Audrey Finlay and Richard Coomber - 1975 Edition


Now out of print but available used online.


  • Peter Macnab


Highways and Byways in Mull and Iona


Part of the 'Guides to Western Scotland series' with lots of useful information. Illustrated.

Publisher: Luath Press Ltd; 14th Revised edition edition (Sept. 1999)


ISBN 0 946487 16 2

ISBN-10: 0946487588

ISBN-13: 978-0946487585


Not thought to be currently in print but available online.


  • Rosalind Jones

Mull in the Making


A very informative booklet detailing Mull's geological history and development.

Published by Rosalind Jones in 1977


ISBN 0 9531890 0 7


Mull in the Making is available new directly from Craigmore Publishing together with eight other very informative publications about the Isle of Mull and its wildlife.


  • Olive Brown and Jean Whittaker


Walking in South Mull & Iona and Walking in North Mull


Two useful guides to the walks and geographical features and flora of the are above areas of Mull.

Published by the Authors and printed in 1987 with a further revision in 1993 by the Oban Times.


Current Publisher: Brown & Whittaker; 10th Revised edition edition (1 April 2005)


ISBN-10: 1904353061

ISBN-13: 978-1904353065


Both versions available directly from Brown & Whittaker, Tobermory, Isle of Mull, Scotland, PA75 6PR.

Tel: 01688 302381 / 302336. Fax: 01688 302140


  • Jean Whittaker, Illustrated by Fiona Marsden


Mull: Natural History


An excursion guide for visitors covering the very wide range of flora, fauna and environments on Mull.

Published in 1995 by Brown & Whittaker of Tobermory (see above).

 ISBN: 095284284X


Now out of print but available online.


  • Olive Brown and Jean Whittaker


Walk Around Tobermory


A very useful guide to the history of Tobermory.

Published in 1988 by Brown & Whittaker of Tobermory (see above) and printed by The Oban Times in 1988.


ISBN-10: 0952842831

ISBN-13: 978-0952842835


Now out of print and fairly scarce online.


  • P.A. Macnab (Author) and Derek Croucher (Photography)


Mull & Iona


A 'Pevensy Island Guide' fully illustrated with fine photographs.

Publisher: David & Charles; 2nd Revised edition edition (28 Mar. 2008)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0715328921

ISBN-13: 978-0715328927



Available new online in paperback format.


  • J.P.MacLean  (1848-1939)


"History of the Island of Mull embracing description, climate, geology, flora, fauna, antiquities, folk lore, superstitions, traditions, with an account of its inhabitants, together with a narrative of Iona, the sacred isle Volume 1 - Primary Source Edition."


A NABU Public domain reprint of the original book which was published in 1923.


Volume 2 is available to read online at this link:$b757125;view=1up;seq=5


Both volumes were originally published as limited editions.

J.P. MacLean was a prolific author, writing numerous books after he moved to America. He also wrote detailed histories of The Clan MacLean, some of which are still available as copies to read online.


  • Peter Angus Macnab

Tobermory teuchter - A first had account of life on Mull in the early years of the 20th Century.


Raised on Mull, Peter Macnab provides a revealing account of life on Mull in the 20th Century, focussing especially on the years of WW 1.

Published by Luath Press limited

ISBN 0 946487 41 3 in 1998, reprinted in 2003


In print and available from Luath Press and retailers.


  • Campbell K. Finlay


Mull of the Isles the Fairest


The Author, a Lieutenant Colonel in the Irish Guards, retired to Mull after the war where he did considerable work with the development of the island. This is his story of that period.

• Publisher: The Pentland Press (1 May 1988)

• Language: English

• ISBN-10: 0946270562

• ISBN-13: 978-0946270569

Not thought to be in print but available online.


Jo Currie


Mull - The Island & Its People

A comprehensive history of the Island as it has never been told before. Illustrated and packed full of information.

Published by Birlinn in 2000

ISBN 1 84158 105 4


No longer available in Hardback but can be found new online in paperback.


  • British Bryological Society


Mosses and Liverworts of Britain and Ireland Field Guide


Published by the  British Bryological Society - 2010 - ISBN 2010978-0-9561310-1-0


In Print and available


  • Butler, Karl Peter


Field Guide to Orchids of Britain and Europe


Published by The Crowood Press - 2007

ISBN 2007978-1-85223-591-8 -

In print and available


  • Butler, Ken & Crossan Ken


Wild Flowers of the North Highlands of Scotland


Published by Birlinn Limited - 2009 - ISBN 2009978-1-78027-178-1


In print and available


  • Chinnery, Michael


Britain's Plant Galls - A Photographic Guide by the British Plant Gall Society


Published by WildGuides Limited - 2011 - ISBN 1978-1-903657-43-0


In print and available


  • Clare, John


Wildflowers of Ardalanish Bay


Published by Moving Stationery Ltd - 2010 -  Tackle and Books, Tobermory and generally on Mull


JOHN CLARE has written a comprehensive series of booklets about  the flora, fauna and history of Mull and they are all worth reading.


  • Farrell, Lynne


Wildflower Walks on Mull - A Pocket Guide


Published by Brown & Whittaker Publishing Ltd - 2014 - ISBN 978-1-904-353188


Tackle and Books, Tobermory and generally on Mull


Lynne Farrell is the VC Recorder for the Isle of Mull and has spent the past 17 years recording the plants of Mull for a new Flora.


  • Garnweidner, Edmund


Collins Nature Guides - Mushrooms and Toadstools of Britain & Europe


Published by HarperCollins Publishers Ltd - 1994


ISBN 0-26-167406-4 - available


See below for revised edition by HarperCollin


  • Sterry, Paul


Collins Complete British Mushrooms and Toadstools: The essential photograph guide to Britain's Fungi


Published by HarperCollins Publishers Ltd - Sep 2009


ISBN 2009978-0007232246


  • Jahns, Hans Martin


Collins Guide to the Ferns Moss & Lichens of Britain & Central Europe


Published by Collins, London - 1983


ISBN 0-00-219254-3


Out of print but occasionally available used.


  • Lippert, W & Podlech, D


Collins Nature Guides - Wild Flowers of Britain & Europe


Published by HarperCollins Publishers Ltd - 1994


ISBN 0-00-219996-3 - Available new


  • Podlech, Dieter


Collins Nature Guides - Herbs and Healing Plants of Britain & Europe


Published by Harper Collins Publishers Ltd - 1996


ISBN 0-26-167405-6 - Latest printing still available new


  • Press B, Tebbs B, Turland B


Photographic Field Guide - Wild Flowers of Britain and Europe


Published by The Crowood Press Ltd - 1993


ISBN 978-1852236595 - Latest printing still available new


  • Sexton, D & Snow, P


Birdwatching on Mull and Iona - A Pocket Guide with Maps


Published by Brown & Whittaker Publishing Ltd - 2012


ISBN 978-1-904-353140 - Tackle and Books, Tobermory and generally on Mull





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